“She translated my ideas into a great logo
that speaks to my business.”

case studies

case 1

client: Sweet Ali

challenge: Sweet Ali dips cookies in chocolate then prints your images or logo onto them for your event or celebration. The client needed a revise to their existing logo, which was unclear and confusing.

There was no hierarchy or anything special about the type treatment and the illustration did not convey the message they were trying to achieve.

They wanted to keep the current color combinations but I brightened it up to help the contrast of the cookie, type and ribbon.

concept: Ali’s best-seller is the Oreo, so I used that as an inspiration and paired it with a happy, playful font choice. The result is a strikingly playful logo that the client was thrilled with.

sweet ali logo after robin hammer design
sweet ali custom confections logo before redesign

case 2

client: Dose Candles

challenge: The client needed a new logo that represented a new luxury candle line that combined fragrance and beauty as a remedy to the daily stresses of life. They liked the work of contemporary artist Damien Hirst and requested I work in pops of color.

concept: Playing off a prescription and treatment concept I worked with different vitamin shapes; round, oval, capsules. Like a vitamin you take everyday, Dose will be something you add into your daily routine. After sketching I noticed half of a capsule makes the letter D so I worked in pops of color into the filling to light a candle flame.

dose sketches in notebook
Dose logo sketches color
Dose final logo color
Final Logo

clients include...

Aquamarine Capital Management, Barnes & Noble, Compass Psychological Services, District L Interiors, Dose Candles, DC Talk Therapy, Floris Special Events, Honeywell International Inc., ISF Jewels, Laura Schreiber Voice, Michelle’s Bakery & Cakery, New Jersey Tax Appeals, Starkarp Productions, Susquehanna Financial Group, Sweet Ali Custom Confections, Temple Shaari Emeth Early Learning Center, Tyll Engineering, Vail Segway Tours    

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